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Writing and organizing information to help customers.

Debra McClure

Technical Writing and eLearning Development

I write and organize content to explain big ideas in simple ways. 

With my background as an English and technology teacher, I enjoy bringing my passion for teaching into writing content that helps companies educate and inspire their employees and customers.

My experience includes developing curriculum and online learning modules, writing blog articles, and creating website content and user guides.

My skills include Microsoft Office, Articulate Rise 360, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, WordPress, and HTML. If I can be of service, please reach out!

Debra McClure Freelance Content Writer Austin, TX

Simplify Complex Ideas

eLearning development and technical writing to explain your ideas or provide instructions:

Subject matter experts are smart. They have a deep understanding about software, products, or services. However, SMEs can have such specialized knowledge in their area of expertise that sometimes it can be challenging for them to explain technical topics or complex concepts to the average reader or customer.

That’s where technical copywriters can help. They can communicate technical content in an accessible and user-friendly way so that the message gets across to potential clients or the instructions can be easily followed by new users. Everyone benefits.

We’ve all had to struggle through reading about complex topics or quick start guides that were ridiculously vague and hard to follow. There’s nothing wrong with using simple terms in technical documents. In fact, your readers will appreciate it!

If you want quality content that gets your information across in an accessible way, let’s talk!

Explaining Technical Concepts in Simple Terms

Maybe you have employees to train, a software application that needs a user manual, or a WordPress plugin that needs some tutorials for users. That’s where a tech writer can use their writing skills to explain technical concepts in simple terms, putting themselves in the shoes of your target customer

Using a Reader-Friendly Style

If you struggle to make jargon accessible to readers, a tech copywriter can create the valuable content your business needs.

Technical Copywriting uses reader-friendly language for:

  • eLearning Development
  • Website content
  • Blog post
  • Research articles
  • User manuals and user guides
  • Instruction manuals
  • Tutorials
  • Instructional documentation
  • White papers

Get Your Message Across

Technical Writing Copywriting vs. Regular Copywriting

You could spend time writing your own technical content or hire a regular copywriter with a marketing background. But technical copywriting is not marketing. Marketing writing is a different skillset with a completely different goal. Marketing copywriting focuses on the sales journey of the customer.

Technical copywriting focuses on instructing. It’s really about educating the reader. It’s teaching the customer something they need to know using minimal jargon and maximum guidance. My goal is to create that content for you to give your customers the most benefit. 

Writing Services That Work For You

Your Industry

Well-researched and industry-specific content for your customers and prospects.

Your Message

Content that strives to reach your customers honestly without the fluff. 

Your Brand

Content that expresses your voice and brand. Style guides are welcome!


From one content writer to another, I’d like to sing praises for Debra McClure. I highly recommend her work for your blogs, articles, and technical writing for real estate financing, oil and gas, mineral rights, and educational curriculum. She does a great job of researching and writing excellent SEO copy to market to and serve your audience in those industries.” ~ Gloria Russell, Founder of Russell Resources LLC
Debra McClure is a sharp, smart, excellent writer! Whatever medium you need her to write for, she will exceed your expectations. It’s nice to have someone write with style, panache, correct punctuation, and great grammar. I highly encourage you to have Debra McClure write your next copy for your website, article, or blog. She has exemplary customer service and is super easy to work with!! ~ Artie Berne, President, ArTex Funding LLC

Writing that educates and informs...

With over 25 years of teaching experience, I know how to simplify difficult content that people can digest. 


Austin, TX

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