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Content Writing that Engages

Finding the time to write creative, quality content that gets your message across to your customers and gets you found by search engines is hard. There’s a ton of competition out there. Besides, you just don’t have the time to analyze keywords, rewrite your home page or turn out blog articles regularly. If you are like most entrepreneurs, your plate is full. 

If you want quality content that works for your goals, let’s talk!

As a freelance writer and educator, I can create new or audit and improve your  eLearning and employee training. I can also write online content for your blog articles or website. 

Let’s turn boring PowerPoint trainings into interactive eLearning that your employees and clients will appreciate:

Here’s a Before eLearning and After eLearning example:


Old PowerPoint slide that is not interactive.

Tell the Story of Your Business or Service

Maybe you’re a professional who needs expertly written web page content that tells the awesome story of your business or product and inspires your customers to take action. On the other hand, maybe you are a subject matter expert who could use a freelance writer to create blog content regularly, handle content management, or explain information in simpler ways. 

Using a Reader-Friendly Style

Teach employees, clients, or tell your story to customers using reader-friendly language for:

  • Instructional Design and eLearning
  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • Research articles
  • Brochures
  • Educational content

Writing that is SEO optimized and search engine structured. The right titles and the right keywords strategically woven into your content.

Content That Connects with Employees and Customers

You know the problems your employees and customers face and the issues that cause struggles. You’re out to help solve those problems! Imagine an employee that was happy to do company training through interactive, online eLearning rather than scrolling through a boring PowerPoint? 

What if a customer who visited your website, read your home page, and saw immediately that you “get” them? Imagine if your blog article actually showed a reader the next step they needed to take to resolve an issue? 

Generic content or text created by artificial intelligence can’t produce that level of personalized writing and connection. That’s where a content writer can explicitly construct the text and messaging with your audience in mind. It’s not just about getting a certain number of words on paper but carefully and intentionally crafting content that customers identify with.

Forget the fluff. There’s a process required to guide your customers to take action, and you can provide the roadmap with intentional content. 

Working with Me

From one content writer to another, I’d like to sing praises for Debra McClure. I highly recommend her work for your blogs, articles, and technical writing for real estate financing, oil and gas, mineral rights, and educational curriculum. She does a great job of researching and writing excellent SEO copy to market to and serve your audience in those industries.” ~ Gloria Russell, Founder of Russell Resources LLC

Debra McClure is an excellent writer! Whatever medium you need her to write for she will exceed your expectations. It’s nice to have someone write with style, panache, correct punctuation, and great grammar. I highly encourage you to have Debra McClure write your next copy for your web site, article, blog or magazine piece. ~ Artie Berne, President, ArTex Funding LLC

I want to tell your customers a story that they can identify with. I want to show them you understand their personal experience. It takes time to dig into research to learn about your clients and the problems they struggle with. That’s why content writing for your target audience is a process. Show your customers that you really understand their unique situation, and they’ll appreciate you!

Writing Services That Work For You

Your Industry

Well-researched and industry-specific content for your customers and prospects.

Your Message

Content that strives to reach your customers honestly without the fluff. 

Your Brand

Content that expresses your voice and brand. Style guides are welcome!

Writing that educates and informs...

With over 25 years of teaching experience, I know how to simplify difficult content that people can digest. 


Austin, TX

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